Hokkaido Premium Potato

So, imagine a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You are one of the unlucky survivors tasked with re-starting the human race. Unfortunately, there is no food. Perhaps we’re dealing with a scenario like the one in “The Road”… or perhaps all the food has been contaminated and there are no viable seeds left because of big bad Monsanto.  Something like that.

In any case, you’re stumbling around the ruins, picking through empty boboli wrappers and intact packages of skoal bandits when you come across a curious red and white box.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, and lo and behold, it contains the last surviving food on earth. Hokkaido Premium Potato!

Well, you are in luck because, as far as I can tell, even years after the apocalypse, this foodstuff will be as fresh as the day it was made.

Each packet contains approximately 15 medium sized freeze dried french fries. These are no ordinary french fry — somehow they approximate the McDonald’s flavor along with an unnatural yet satisfying crunch.

Salty, crunchy, potatoey goodness. A box of the Hokkaido Premium Potato snack usually lasts about 4 minutes in the office as the packets are snagged and munched immediately, or snuck into jacket pockets and laptop bags as a guilty pleasure for the post-work N-Judah ride.

Oh Hokkaido Premium Potato, how I cherish thee!